no need for expert operator

Detailed Graphical Report

Intuitive Touchscreen Interface


Cloud analysis for spc

Watch ARIS System in Action!


ARIS system Benefits

Intuitive Interface: Load the tray, press start, and watch ARIS produce in-depth and detailed reports. View Ansi compliant reporting powered by the ARIS 3D Metrology System

Industry Proven Components: ARIS is built from established technology in 6 axis Robotics, 3D Scanners, and Inspection Software. ARIS software integrates these modules into a powerful inspection cell

Ease of Use: No need for dedicated engineers to operate ARIS system


Faster Inspection: ARIS cycle time can be more than 5 times faster than CMM

Cost Reduction: 65%+ cost reduction over 5 years (1 ARIS system vs 1 CMM)

Higher Resolution: Millions vs tens of measurement points

Automatic Calibration: No need for dedicated engineer

Digitization: Less susceptible to temperature change and vibration  

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Report & analysis

A factory operator can view graphical reports on the touch screen, while the manager can access the reports on the ARIS Cloud (ex. 3D comparison, 2D comparison, Cross section, GD&T, Wall thickness, Distance, Angle)

Managers can view the trend in test measurements, and also perform Statistical Process Control (SPC) tracking Process Capability Index (ex. Cpk, Cp)

Download ARIS Brochure.